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By Helen on 17 Dec 2019
Senior Editor



這款「魔鬼唇形」Devil Lips是由俄羅斯整型醫生Emelian Braude 所創立,並旋即在歐美等地成為熱話,不少潮人也率先試弄了這款最新唇形並於網上分享!

Devil Lips「魔鬼唇形」

「魔鬼唇形」Devil Lips


「魔鬼唇形」Devil Lips是由俄羅斯整型醫生Emelian Braude 所創立


「魔鬼唇形」Devil Lips是由俄羅斯整型醫生Emelian Braude 創立20191208_CH_魔鬼嘴唇_1


而英國美容專家Nilam Holmes更發文警告大家不要輕易嘗試「魔鬼唇形」!她說這種整型完全是荒唐和不自然,看起來太可怕了!而且一旦做了很難再將嘴巴弄回原來自然的形狀,唇部邊緣會變形,在未來幾年都會有奇怪的褶皺,更形容是她看過「最糟糕的整容手術之一!」

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This trend is WRONG on all levels .. devil lips!? It looks unnatural and ridiculous. The clue is in the title really .. it is unnecessary disfigurement! Wether it is tattooing and/or filler .. it looks terrible. I thought it was photoshop and a joke for Halloween when I first saw it but apparently not. ??‍♀️ even if it is photoshop it’s an awful example to put out there for young impressionable people who think it’s real and want to be trendy. Please don’t be naive and follow silly trends like this. You will not be able to reverse it easily and go back to your natural lips if at all. Your lip border will be distorted and it won’t wear off evenly so you will have frilly lips for years to come. There are 20 more reasons I can think of. No one should encourage clients or teach this to practitioners and enable them to disfigure someone elses face deliberately. It’s not make up you can’t wipe it off. I have never even seen an Mua create devil shaped lips from make up unless it was perhaps for an editorial piece. I mean who would even be willing to try it? Was it founded by someone accidentally messing up someone’s lips? Is it just photoshop? I don’t understand where it even comes from? This is really one of the worst aesthetic/cosmetic examples I’ve ever seen ? #devillips #wrong

Nilam Holmes(@nilamholmes)分享的貼文 於 張貼




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Photo Source:Instagram

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